Monday, November 26, 2007

Plant Varaieties: Breeder's consent for use of varaiety is not required after sale

The plaintiffs are in the business of varieties breeding. The plaintiffs argued that according the Israeli law of Variety Breeding 1973, (hereafter: the law), they have registered varieties as to Gerbera varieties which were breaded by them. In addition it was argued that the defendants were using these varieties without permission of the plaintiffs. The Israeli district court ruled that the proprietor of varieties is entitled for payment for using the registered variety. However, after selling the variety, the breeder's consent is not required for purposes of additional use of that variety, unless this additional use is defined as reproduction of the variety (Article 36 of the law). The argument that the defendant admitted that reproduction of the varity took place for the purpose of establishing an infringement of registered variety.
(Flouriest de Quakel BW vs. Hajag Baruch, District Court 25 October 2007)


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