Thursday, August 23, 2007

Copyrights: 'Hiking Tracks' are not Protected by Copyrights

An Israeli court for small claims held (16 August 2007) that copyrights laws cannot protect hiking tracks. The plaintiff, an owner of company for planning field tracks, claimed copyright infringement in relation to three hiking tracks.

The defendant argued that it did not copy the hiking tracks as these tracks are in fact dictated by the Jordanian Tourist Office and their description is a mere translation of a text given by Jordanian travel agents.

The judge held that hiking tours cannot be considered as original work as neither the tour setting itself nor the selected wording of which lack creativity and originality. The claim was rejected, and the plaintiff was ordered to pay the defendant 1000 NIS.

Yaara Shoshani, Applefeld Zer Fisher
23 August 2007

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